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PERIPHERAL I.V. CANNULATION - Accredited Certificate + Certificate in Advanced Cannulation Techniques

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Learn how to cannulate and set up an intravenous (IV) cannula ...

If you need to cannulate your patient (in a healthcare setting) or your client (in a salon setting) then you must know the procedures and risks associated with cannulation.

Salons are increasingly offering a range of intravenous therapies such as Vitamins, Nutritional Therapies (IVNT), Immunity and Myers Cocktails and drips. Without the training to competently perform this procedure the risks are high and the client is unlikely to benefit and may experience adverse effects.

This training course follows on from our Introduction to Phlebotomy training and covers aspects such as POC (point of care) testing and specialised tests. POC tests are useful if a salon wishes to offer spot checks for tests such as lipid profiles / cholesterol, creatinine, thyroid hormones etc.

This course also covers cannulation in depth and is supported with instructional videos and a wide range of additional material.

The course consists of two parts:

Part 1 is theory and completed online on any device (mobile phone, tablet, kindle, laptop etc.). Online learning is supported with a wide range of downloadable student resources to help you throughout.

Part 2 required a full day classroom attendance (9.30am – 5.00pm). You will practice on artificial arms (and fake blood) and will train up to the point of a fully check-listed and approved cannulation.

With 78 UK & Eire training locations there is likely to be a classroom near you!

The course is accredited at Level 3 (advanced level) and awards a nationally recognised qualification.


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