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About Us

Who are we?


ABBINI TRAINING is the aesthetic therapy division of Geopace Training.

Geopace Training has been delivering high class, award-winning healthcare courses to the NHS and private sector since 2010. With an increase in demand from the beauty industry and specifically aesthetic therapists, Geopace are well-placed to continue providing industry-specific courses to the highest of standards.

Our blood-product related courses are therefore delivered with a strong healthcare background and are accredited at Levels 3 (advanced) and 4 (foundation degree). Many of our courses are therefore dually applicable to employment (or self-employment) roles in both the Medical/Healthcare and Beauty/Aesthetics sectors.

Quality assurance, naturally, is an integral part of our delivery package. All training courses are delivered to the very highest of standards and are fully compliant with HEE, Skills for Health and WHO.

Who are our tutors?


We are a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals and aesthetic therapists who are passionate about our courses and will make sure you not only pass with "flying colours" but have a lot of fun at the same time!

Our number one priority is to look after you and ensure you pass with ease. We closely monitor your progress and quickly respond to any learning issues you may have. All our tutors and have a great deal of experience teaching all ages and with a wide range of learning styles.


We are, above all, friendly and helpful, and will make you feel at ease and very welcome. We will ensure that you progress well throughout our courses and have an enjoyable time.

Your success is our success!

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