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Cannulation Training


Learn how to cannulate ...

  • Nationally Recognised Qualification

  • Includes advanced phlebotomy techniques

  • OCN Accredited - Level 3 (advanced)

  • Covers all steps up to cannulation in arm or hand

  • Practise on artificial arms and fake blood!

  • Essential qualification for any IV therapies

  • Phlebotomy training recommended but not essential

  • Basic understanding of English language required


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Train up to point of first cannulation

All theory and practical skills required to set up a cannula

Covers all essential theory and skill-set development to meet medical standards

Understand the procedures used to set up  a peripheral IV cannula

Set up an IV for any therapy and how to avoid critical complications

Correct client care and aftercare

Advanced phlebotomy techniques included

Ideally follows on from phlebotomy training

Safely and competently set up and maintain a peripheral  IV infusion


Correct client management before, during infusion and safe after-care

Understanding equipment types and appropriate choices

Understand and calculating fluid rates

Appreciate legal and professional responsibilites

Offer IV therapies to clients - vitamin supplements / drips and infusions

Offer POC (point of care) testing for a range of specialised blood tests

About this course

Learning Outcomes

After the course

PART 1 - Theory: complete online at
home or work and download a certificate of completion

PART 2 - Skills and Practical Development: Attend a classroom location for one full day

Phlebotomy - advanced techniques covered including POC (point of care) testing

Cannulation - comprehensive IV set-up

78 UK & Eire training locations

OCN Accredited at Level 3 (advanced)

Medical training standards throughout

Skills for Health & WHO compliant

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